Blanche Goats Cheese

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Who knew a log of goats’ cheese could be so appealing! Sporting a wrinkly alabaster coat, underneath which lies a smooth paste that is delicate and creamy - there is no doubt that Blanche is a sensuous little cheese.
At two weeks old, there’s a perfumed aroma of dark forest honey on the nose, which carries over in the final flavour - think honeysuckle, herbs and a peppery tingle. The cheese intensifies as it matures but still retains it’s texture making it perfect for slicing and grilling.
Try it with a Belgian-style wheat beer, such as Camden Ale’s Gentlemen’s Wit, which is shot through with notes of coriander and Earl Grey tea. The fragrant spice and gentle carbonation lifts the cheese to exciting new heights.

Blanche has been busy collecting awards too - awarded Gold in the Best Goat Cheese category at the 2018 British Cheese Awards and Silver for Best Soft Cheese in 2017. As well as three Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards 2017.