World Olive Sample Platter

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A selection of six olive flavours from Italy, Greece and Morocco. 

Natural Black Beldi with Herbs   Marrakech, Morocco Tree-ripened and dry cured, this intensely liquorice olive is tossed in a blend of oregano, thyme and rosemary. A great base for a rich tapenade. 

Thessaloniki, Greece These Mammoth Halkidiki are also known as Queen Greens. Crisp, firm and crunchy with a tangy savoury undertone.

Kalamata  Sparta, Greece All the fresh, fruity, savoury characteristics of the heroic Greek olive, without the stone.

Nocellara Del Belice, Sicily, Italy Bright green olive, resembling the shape of a small apple, these Nocellara are vanilla sweet and buttery with a slight crunch.

Italian Mix DA172 Sicily, Puglia & Lazio, Italy Varied colour and textures of three superb olives: Sicilian Nocellara, Puglian Cerignola and Gaeta from Lazio makes this a stand-out choice for any olive lover. 

Basil and Garlic Halkidiki  Thessaloniki, Greece Greek Halkidiki, perfectly infused with Italian basil and garlic. Deep green, fragrant and savoury

6 x 200g